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  • Mulch provided by Frank Otte Middletown.
  • Final Processing is February 18th.
  • Delivered to your door by Eastern players on 3/3 – 3/5.
  • Delivery area includes a general 20 miles radius from Eastern but we have previously delivered to Shelbyville, Taylorsville, LaGrange, Valley Station, Portland, and Southern Indiana.
  • A PayPal account is not needed to process orders if you want to use a credit/debit card.
  • The form can be downloaded here if you prefer to pay by check.

Dave Test

Dave Test

2.0 cu. ft. $1.00

Premium Cypress

Ground up cypress trees, woody texture

2.0 cu. ft. $5.00

Dark Hardwood

Triple processed, finely shredded hardwood, rich natural dark brown color

2.0 cu. ft. $5.00

Grade ‘A’ Cedar

Only the bark of the cedar tree, shredded, long lasting reddish brown color.

3.0 cu. ft. $9.00

Grade ‘A’ Cypress

Only the bark of the cypress tree, shredded, long lasting reddish color.

3.0 cu. ft. $9.00

Black Hardwood

Triple processed hardwood, blackened (dyed) for long lasting black color

1.5 cu. ft. $6.00

Pine Straw

Pine straw is an excellent choice for azaleas and all other acidic loving plants. It mats together well so it helps hold it in place and keeps it from washing. One bale covers 10-12 sq. ft.

Bale $8.00

Potting Soil

Pre-moistened, all-purpose potting soil is designed for ease of use when planting indoor and outdoor potted plants or bulbs, or starting seeds or rooted cuttings. A lightweight blend of sphagnum peat and other quality materials includes starter and slow-release fertilizers, and is ready to use right out of the bag.

40 quart $13.00

Dave Test

Dave Test.

1 $1.00